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Performance on the trails isn’t just about acceleration and speed anymore. Upgrade your sled to TrailTrac, the industry’s first High Performance Electronic Braking System. With TrailTrac you can power deeper into corners and stop like you start – quick, responsive and in total control.


Ride hard with confidence.

The Hayes team has poured decades of Manufacturer and Race expertise and experience into the development of the industries first High Performance Electronic Brake Kit.  TrailTrac delivers AND controls 40% more braking power then factory braking systems. All this extra controlled braking power allows you to:

  • Stop aggressively with improved steering response and controlled track slide
  • Power deeper into corners before braking with confidence
  • Quickly accelerate out of corners (clutch doesn't fully disengage when cornering with TrailTrac)
  • Reduce fatigue due to lower brake lever force needed to initiate braking

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Don't wait.  Limited quantities available.

Hayes has produced a limited number of of its new TrailTrac High Performance Braking System kits for 2010 or newer Polaris Rush & Indy snowmobiles. Kits are sold and installed through our growing dealer network, and are available now for for a limited time at an introductory price of $749 (MSRP $995).

Ready to install kit includes:

  • High performance master cylinder and caliper
  • Custom brake lines
  • TrailTrac hydraulic pump and electronic control unit
  • All required harnesses, sensors and switches
  • 12 month unlimited mileage warranty

To reserve a kit and arrange for installation at your local dealer complete our TrailTrac Reservation form (no credit card required).


What others are saying.

I got about 120 miles on the Indy 800 on Saturday afternoon and the TrailTrac works VERY well.

Mark Boncher
Editor, American Snowmobiler

The biggest difference I noticed was ability to keep the rear end of the sled straight under heavy braking. When getting on the brakes into a corner I found the sled to be more predictable. Without the system on, the track would lock and the sled would slide to one side or the other, or both.

Brian M.
After 50 - 75 Mile Ride

I was really impressed with it. Man... it's awfully good!

Matt S.
Demo Rider